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Privacy Policy

Those who use the “NomiReco”, “Go Back Home”, "Online Meetings Schedule" and "Mapz" applications and the support site (hereinafter referred to as the “this service”) shall be deemed to have agreed to the following terms and conditions.


About collecting personal information

Users can use this service while remaining anonymous. In some cases, such as inquiries, we may ask you to disclose personal information such as your name and email address. However, the personal information of users will not be disclosed or shared to third parties by the service administrator without the user's permission.


About data

Data recorded by the application of this service is saved on iCloud signed in with your device or user's AppleID.

Click here for Apple's privacy policy and iCloud terms of service.


About usage status collection

This service uses Google's Firebase and Analytics to collect service usage. In addition, in connection with this service, we may collect data that has been processed into a format that cannot identify individuals in order to create statistical data.

Click here for Google's privacy policy.


About access

The application of this service may request permission for access to the following applications. This information is used only to enhance the convenience of this service and will not be used for any other purpose.

  • Online Meetings Schedule

    • ​​Calendar

  • ​NomiReco

    • Contacts

    • Calendar

    • Photo

  • ​Go Home Navi

    • ​Location

About ad delivery

In this service application, Google AdMob is used as a third-party advertising service.

Click here for Google's advertising policy.


Handling of Personal information

If you have any comments or complaints regarding the handling of personal information regarding this service, we will establish a contact point for complaints and consultations, and will respond appropriately and promptly.

Please contact us using the contact form.



Even if the user suffers any damages by using this service, the administrator of this service is not responsible. In the event of damage or loss of data files caused by a malfunction of the service, the administrator of the service shall also disclose personal information of the service regarding the contents and services of websites linked to the service other than the support site of the service. Protection terms do not apply. The administrator of this service is not responsible for the content of websites other than the support site of this service and the protection of personal information.


Privacy policy change procedure

We will review the operational status regarding the handling of user information from time to time and strive for continuous improvement, and this policy may be changed as necessary.

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