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Support you

who like drinking

You can record the number of days you drank this week, the friends you drank, and the bar you want to go to.
We support you who want to enjoy drinking happily and healthy.

NomiReco - Drinking Day Record

iPhoneアプリ のみれこをダウンロードする

Record the day you drank

You can record information on the day of drinking from the note view. Ordinary events such as evening drink at home can be recorded by simply pressing the preset button. Event contents can also be selected from past histories and lists, providing powerful support for troublesome input.


Set the target number of days for alcohol free days

You can set the number of target days for drinking days and alcohol free days by year, month, week. The home view calculates and displays the final number of days during the period from the number of days you drank and the pace. Let’s set your own number of target days to prevent overdose.


Register a drinking party schedule

Let's register the schedule of the drinking party and manage the schedule. When linked with the calendar app, you can also determine the events registered in the calendar and automatically get drinking events.


Search the location of the bar

When you select a location registered for an event, start a web browser and search.When you want to check the location of a bar, you can easily check it without entering it again from the search view.


Contact participants

You can call participants directly from NomiReco or open the message sending view for participants registered in your contacts. If you register participants in advance, you can quickly find contact information if you want to contact them on the day.


View history

The history of drinking in the past is listed in order of date. When did you drink with that friend? Where did you have that drinking party? If you record an event that you can't remember in NomiReco, you can check it immediately.


View ranking

The event title, location, group, and participants are displayed in ranking order. You can also find out how many times you drank with your drinking friends and how many days you went to a shop you often visit.


View photos

Displays photos taken at a drinking party. By setting the start time and end time, you can narrow down and display only the photos taken at the drinking party among the photos taken that day.

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